Trains & Automobiles festivities are Saturday

The annual community collecting, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, is Saturday, Oct. 6. The annual community accumulating, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, is Saturday, Oct. 6. Due to construction at Shawnee Regional Airport, there could be no sports at the airstrip this 12 months. From 11 a.M. To 7 p.M., meals and activities could be held for families most effective at the Santa Fe Depot site. “Eventgoers will see trains from HO scale models inside the depot … And an actual engine on the tracks,” the event web page reads. “Vintage motors and things with wheels will fill the front depot parking lot.” Kiddie educates rides, pony carousel rides, and a petting zoo are amongst sports for youngsters.

The family-pleasant occasion is presented solely by the Pottawatomie County Historical Society, Ken Landry stated in a Facebook submit. “Because of generous donations from our sponsors every 12 months, we’re able to offer all of the activities and rides free to the youngsters,” he stated. There may be a stay band and plenty of different a laugh sports, the web page states, in addition to overall performance by the Indian Territory Regulator gunfighters in Centennial Park in the front of the depot by way of Main Street. For greater data, visit PTandA.Internet.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – What is the Safest Way to Travel?

The means which you use for traveling rely on numerous elements – considered one of which is protection. However, there are many different matters one considers earlier than journeying. The most important amongst those are the finances and additionally where you want to journey. In case of visiting the city, trains and vehicles are used, however, if you want to visit every other city or u. S ., you have got the choice of traveling in a plane, train or automobile.

If you evaluate the three-way just from the point of view of protection (leaving out variables together with the vacation spot, distance, finances, and many others), then planes truly are the safest way to travel. Over the decades, plane protection has drastically increased, and it’s far now six times better than what it was approximately 20 years in the past. These improvements in protection may be credited to the superior era, difficult competition, strict industry audits, and satisfactory management checks. According to the Aviation Authorities, planes are the most secure way to travel because they have the least number of fatalities with kilometer foundation.


Despite the protection, accidents do arise – however, those are rare, and the yearly quantity of deaths in plane accidents has decreased over the last ten years. There are many cases while fatal accidents have occurred, and those became frightened of touring in planes, but planes nonetheless stay the most secure method of traveling at the end of the day. Trains are a convenient manner of traveling and transporting goods. The quantity of accidents involving trains has improved during the last few years. The primary causes of train accidents are derailment, motive force’s errors, explosions, and collapsing of bridges. One of the important factors contributing to the growing education accidents is the extended velocity of trains.

Compared to planes and trains, motors have the greatest information for accidents and fatalities all over the globe. More than half of the auto accidents arise because of negligence on the driver’s element, resulting in a massive range of coincidence claims. The maximum common causes of automobile accidents are drug consumption, reckless using and intoxication. In the case of trains and planes, there may be much less room for any negligence on the driver’s part because it’s far the motive force responsible for hundreds of lives.

The government preserves a near take a look at the driver’s alcohol consumption and different health elements. According to analysis, in-plane accidents worldwide during the last 5 a long time, 30% of injuries have been prompted absolutely due to pilot blunders. In contrast, all different injuries have been prompted because of mechanical, climate, or different conditions. Ultimately, it is not always protection that we think about whilst journeying.

Automobiles are the least secure approach of the tour, but they’re nevertheless maximum broadly used. The manner human beings tour depends on their own choice, assets, and choices. There are several transportation options to and from Puntarenas, the colorful coffee-exporting gateway of Costa Rica. From the consolation of a luxury train to bouncing through picturesque u. S. A. Roads in a nearby bus, alternatives exist to meet the complete range of comfort-loving to intrepid vacationers.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights operated by Sansa Airlines and Nature Air will ship you from Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose to Tambor Airport, an old-fashioned airport positioned to the west of the province of Puntarenas ($a hundred-one hundred fifty). The gorgeous 25-minute flight in a small craft will offer beautiful vistas of the geographical region and shimmering Pacific under. However, this feature might not be sensible for maximum, as the airport is placed across the bay from Puntarenas. A one-hour ferry will deliver you to your final destination in Puntarenas.

Puntarenas ferry

Three ferry routes operate from Puntarenas, one to Playa Naranjo (1.5 hours, additionally permits vehicles, $24 with a vehicle) and the alternative to the coast north of Paquera (approximately 2 hours, passenger ferry best, approximately $5 according to person). You’ll absorb stunning views of the Puntarenas shoreline as the ocean breeze works through your hair.


A carrier operated using America Travel called the Tico Train runs each weekend departing from San Jose’s Pacific Railroad Station to Mata De Limon, close to Puntarenas ($25 consistent with a passenger). From there, the employer transfers you to an air-conditioned constitution bus for the quick experience to a metropolis. The experience, winding via lush mountain passes and orchards, may offer an appropriate experience for a Costa Rica own family excursion.


For the intrepid traveler, a bus station exists simply one block from the cruise dock with hyperlinks all over Costa Rica, including San Jose. The adventure is gradual: for instance, the typical -hour force to San Jose (approximately $five per grownup) takes 3 to 4 hours as all bus agencies forestall to select passengers. Also, watch out for your belongings, retaining all valuables inside eyesight: whilst the buses are quite safe, petty crime may be a hassle.


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