Google’s Android over antitrust troubles

President Donald Trump’s antitrust leader on the Department of Justice told Capitol Hill lawmakers on Wednesday that his organisation should investigate the hunt giant for anti-competitive conduct.

The Federal Trade Commission closed a 20-month antitrust probe of Google’s seek practices in 2013 without taking any action.

At the time, those close to the regulator believed the Mountain View, Calif., organisation turned into in the clear.

But Makan Delrahim advised senators the feds ought to check out Google’s use of the Android mobile operating device, sources on the hearing stated. The FTC hasn’t investigated Android.

“I assume Makan’s remark had been pretty significant,” one of the assets stated.

Department of Justice officials could not be reached for comment.

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How to Use Google Maps Offline on Android

Google Maps is one of the most popular and Best navigation apps services, but it is now not with out its faults. One of the primary complaints is that it really works best with a dependable records connection, some thing we do not continually have outdoor the town. Thankfully, Google Maps may be used offline, however this outstanding feature is rendered useless with out some proactive techniques. The second your telephone reads “No carrier,” Google Maps unexpectedly drops out. That is unless you’ve stored your maps for offline get right of entry to. However after studying contemporary article “How to use Google map offline,” you could store large map areas for guidance, even while you’re stuck without the reception.

The procedure is identical on both iOS and Android. Before we dive into the procedure, take a moment to visit the App Store to your iOS device, or the Play shop on your Android tool and check for any to be had updates for Google Maps. The strategies referred to in this text works at the updated versions of Google Map.

After verifying you have the modern-day model, release Google Maps to your respective tool and search for the region you would like to save for offline get admission to.

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Google Maps will then display the location you locate, with the call being displayed along the bottom of the screen. You will want to down load the vicinity of interest earlier than being able to take gain of Google Maps offline. This is what we suggest when we are saying matters ought to be achieved “proactively.” The map vicinity must be downloaded earlier than leaving the safety of your town’s cozy connection.

You’ll then be tasked to adjust the location to be stored via panning and zooming round, making sure to be aware of the dimensions restrict alert along the pinnacle of the display screen. Of direction, there is a huge amount of information whilst downloading almost two towns and the whole thing in between them. Be geared up to sacrifice plenty of garage area on your maps. These can soak up to 1GB, relying at the area. Additionally, you may get a glimpse of the nearby weather situations, photos, hotels, shops, restaurants and navigation alternatives. You can even get a tour estimate to that spot based totally to your modern-day region.

Tap on the call. Next, tap at the three-dot icon in the top-right nook of your display screen. Select and then keep an offline map. There is a way to down load this statistics to an SD card, though, that’s a alleviation. Simply go to Menu > Offline Areas > Settings > Storage Preferences and transfer “Device” to “SD card.”

If the mapped area is deemed too huge, you will want to zoom in and repeat the manner for the area ignored. Once you are glad, tap on Save and provide the offline map a name. To get admission to your stored maps, slide you the menu draw and choose My Places from the listing of options. Scroll to the lowest of the page, wherein you need to discover any offline maps nonetheless saved on your device.

Keep in thoughts that any stored maps will simplest stay on your tool for 30 days. This is in general due to the fact the world adjustments almost every day. Maps are dynamic and require updating. What takes place while a brand new avenue is introduced, or an antique one is closed? Maybe a brand new eating place unfolded in town. Google wants you to have an up to date version of your maps when offline. Presumably, after that, the app will purge a saved map to clear up area for your device.

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You can also do the automatic updating with the Google map these days. Just go to the Offline Maps settings and prompt automated updates. This will make sure your offline maps are frequently up to date when expired. You may even choose most effective to be updated while the usage of Wi-Fi, making sure your valuable gigabytes don’t go to waste.

Things to Consider when Using Offline Google Maps

There are drawbacks to offline Google Maps. Here are a few matters missing from offline maps that are to be had in live Google Maps:
• Public transit routes aren’t to be had in Offline maps.
• Bike and strolling routes aren’t available.
• Live site visitors will no longer be employed.
• Travel estimates will now not be as accurate.
• Routes can not be modified (avoidance isn’t always an alternative).


There are different gear available for offline maps. Some like maps.Me or Apple maps, and many others. That allows you to download the whole thing right now, even as others offer town, kingdom and u . S . A . Downloads. If you’re a hunter or exploring regions off the grid, those maps may be a better choice. Hope that you like studying “How to apply Google map offline.” However, for maximum tour and vacationer needs, Google Maps does a exceptional process of showing you what is round you, how long it’s going to take you to get there and now, you may even use these maps in case you’re tapped out on records or just have a sluggish connection.


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