Russia Resets Computer On International Space Station

Russia has rebooted one in all three computer systems aboard the International Space Station (ISS) after a malfunction changed into detected two days in the past. On November eight, Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russian space employer Roskosmos, wrote that the computer’s operations had been restored. “At 12:04:50 Moscow time, the important pc at the ISS became rebooted. The 3-channel configuration changed into restored,” Rogozin tweeted. On November 6, Roskosmos stated that one of the three computers on the station’s Russian module malfunctioned; however, they guaranteed that the illness had no impact on the safety of the group aboard the ISS — American Serena Aunon-Chancellor, Russian Sergei Prokopyev, and German Alexander Gerst.

The malfunction observed the final month’s aborted launch of a new station team. U.S. Astronaut Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Ovchinin landed appropriately after their Russian booster rocket failed two mins into the October 11 flight. The next crew, Oleg Kononenko (Russia), Anne Charlotte McClain (United States), and David Saint-Jacques (Canada), changed into to start with scheduled to be dispatched to the ISS in overdue December. Still, that release turned into rescheduled after the October eleven coincidence.

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**NOTE** If the use of the enhanced function %, you may want an Adtran account with valid buy to validate the download of the improved characteristic %. To complete this How-To, you will want the subsequent: A computer that has a community connection and a COM port available. If no COM port is to be had, a USB to COM port adapter can be substituted. A network transfer with at least 1 loose port for the Netvanta router is favored. However, a crossover cable also can be used. An application you could utilize to console into the router. A TFTP server solution in your computer. You will use this to switch the firmware to the router.

An Adtran serial cable This is a requirement to gain access to the router. The first thing you ought to do is download the modern firmware from Adtran. Firmware updates are to be had on their website. Once you’ve downloaded the firmware, you may need to put in PuTTY and SolarWinds TFTP when you have not already. Move the firmware you’ve downloaded to the TFTP-Root folder located on your laptop’s C: Drive. Make certain that SolarWinds TFTP is strolling.

Connect the serial cable from your pc’s COM port to the Adtran router’s console port. You’ll want to run an RJ45 Cat5 (Ethernet) cable out of your router’s Eth 0/1 port for your network transfer. Go ahead and take this time to find out your computer’s IP deal with additionally. You’ll want this in a few minutes. An easy way to do that is to run the command IPconfig from Window’s Command Prompt. In our case, the computer is on IP


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