WIFI Backup Software Works As a Smart Phone

The WIFI Passwords is one of the best-kept secrets of mobile phone owners. They have become almost a necessity in our highly wired and fast-paced lives, keeping us connected to each other wherever we go. The latest Apks for WIFI Pro have now been made available for the commoner. This app is compatible with most popular smartphones like HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

WIFI Passwords manages several important functions like accessing the internet on the move, receiving and dialing phone calls, downloading and storing the latest emails, and the list goes on. It allows users to enter their details into a secure WIFI password-protected area and then starts working automatically. The latest Apks allow the user to connect to their PCs wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB cable and do all sorts of things like checking his email, viewing the web, listening to music, video chatting, playing games, and many more.

With the WIFIPassword Pro Apk, users can now store many passwords and even share them with their friends. The software has some amazing features not available in other similar systems and helps the user remember his favorite passwords. The latest Apks come with a user-friendly WIFI interface that is fast, fluid, and easy to use. The user can also create up to 8 user accounts with different password sets and profiles.


The software is available free of cost but needs to be purchased for installation. It allows the user to change the existing WIFI password or create a completely new one. Most phone magazines highly recommend the WIFIPassword Pro Apk, as it is the best alternative to the traditional PC-based username password system. The software helps protect your personal data from being stolen and helps you change your settings whenever you wish. Changing the WIFI settings ensures that the device remains secure at all times and provides convenience to the user.

The WIFIPassword Pro Apk also provides a wide range of extra features and benefits that make this software stand out from the rest. For example, this software also offers two types of auto-complete options, which auto-complete names and phone numbers when you enter them into the search fields. The auto-complete option also allows you to enter up to ten different phone numbers with the autocomplete option and gives you the option to browse through multiple phone books. Another major advantage of this software is its security options which guard your WIFI access from hackers who try to gain access to the WIFI password by monitoring your calls.

The WIFIPassword Pro Apk also works as a virtual smartphone, helping you manage your business easily. You can use this application to send text messages, take pictures, and even dial numbers from your mobile phone directly from the WIFIPassword Pro Apk. The virtual smartphone functions using WIFI’s WAP feature. You do not have to use your laptop or desktop computer to access your WIFIPassword Pro Apk. Instead, it works on your computer’s desktop or laptop as a virtual smartphone. Furthermore, you can also synchronize your data between your PC and your phone from your computer, so you do not need to bring your laptop or PC to any landline or home office.


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